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Aftermarket Air Filter Options For Your Car

A good air filter is an essential component to keep your car working in excellent condition. More air flow in a filter will lead to better combustion, which, in turn, will provide better acceleration to your car.

There are two kinds of air filters available in the market – open pod and drop in. So if you want to know which performance air filter to choose for your car, read on:

Open Pod Air Filters
The open pod filters are larger in size, and to install them, you need to take out the standard air intake unit that your car is equipped with. Open pod filters are performance oriented, but this comes at the cost of filtration abilities.

Drop In Air Filters
These air filters are good if you are not a car junkie, but are beginning to explore your automobile options. The installation is a breeze, since all you have to do is swap your existing OEM air filter with the drop in air filters. These filters provide better performance than the standard OEMS, but air filtration remains an issue.

Which Performance Air Filter Should You Get For Your Car?
The key to answering this question lies in understanding the type of transmission in your car. If you have an automatic car, you should go for a drop in air filter while an open pod air filter will have lag on low end. The reason behind this is that open pods need a rev up of more than 3000 rpm in order to max out their performance and cars which have automatic transmission do not usually cross the 3000 rpm mark while shifting gears.

If you have a car which has manual transmission, the performance air filter of your choice should be the open pod, one disadvantage of open pod is loud sound, but some people likes it. A drop in filter will also work decently on a manual transmission car, since the engine rev depends upon the driver.

Most performance open pod filter/drop in filter are washable with cleaning kits and reusable, If you're planning to keep your vehicle for a while, it really doesn't make sense to buy traditional disposable filters. For the cost of a couple of those, you can get something that will outlast the car itself. And while it's true you could see fractional difference in power and fuel consumption, the primary appeal for small drop-in filters like this is the money you'll save on filters over the life of the car.

There are many great brands out there which have good aftermarket air filters. Trusted brands include K&N, Works Engineering and Redline Performance, and they have the best performance filters that you can lay your hands on. You need to choose the right kind of aftermarket air filter for your car depending upon your level of expertise and the car that you are driving. So go ahead, make the right choice and try out a performance air filter for your car today, and experience the difference.

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