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Engine Fault Finding Tips

Rest easy though - major sudden failures are rare and often the result of an underlying problem that has been left unchecked. And components that do fail suddenly are often easily rectified. All the same though, it's important to always be on your guard. The following list details common engine problems and their likely causes:

Engine will not turn when attempting to start
  • Battery terminals are corroded
  • Battery terminals are poorly connected
  • Faulty connections in starter circuit
  • Faulty starter solenoid
  • Faulty starter motor
  • Earth strap to engine either loose or corroded
Engine turns but will not start
  • Fuel tank empty (you'd be surprised!)
  • Battery problem
  • Air filter clogged
  • Poor cylinder compression
  • Timing belt broken
  • Ignition system damp or wiring fault
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Choke incorrectly adjusted
  • Fuel line fault or fuel pump
Noisy starter motor
  • Starter motor mounting bolts loose
  • Internal damage to starter motor
  • Flywheel teeth damaged
Engine starts, but then cuts out
  • Ignition system wiring fault
  • Faulty fuel injectors
  • Uneven cylinder compression
  • Fuel line or fuel pump faulty
  • Choke mechanism faulty or incorrectly adjusted
  • Blocked carburettor jets
Uneven engine idle speed
  • Incorrect setting for idle speed
  • Air filter blocked
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Timing belt incorrectly adjusted
  • Faulty fuel injectors
Engine misfires or stalls
  • Distributor car faulty
  • Faulty fuel lines, pump, injectors
  • Fuel filter clogged
  • Fuel tank vent blocked
Engine runs on after switching off
  • High carbon build up in engine
  • High engine operating temperature
Oil pressure warnings
  • Low oil level/incorrect oil grade
  • Oil pressure sender unit faulty
  • Worn engine bearings
  • Faulty oil pump
  • Excessively high engine temperature
  • Oil relief valve defective
That's all there is to it! : )

Hella Razor Hybrid Wiper Blade

Hella Razor wiper blade offers car drivers and upgrade to better wiping performance. Designed with an advanced hybrid technology. Hella Razor integrates the best features of conventional frame and flat blade for an ideal combination of style, performance and protection. Its innovative aerodynamic design offers enhanced contact with the windscreen and optimal pressure distribution across the blade to deliver a cleaner wipe.

For more information and pricing, kindly visit >>>Here<<<

Akrapovic Exhaust

The Akrapovic exhausts pay attention to the smallest details.

Exhaust systems seem simple at first glance, but after studying the Akrapovic systems there are revealed many important details. Without these details, it would be impossible to achieve, the level of performance and the weight reduction. The Akrapovic design ensures maximum increase in power and torque, with the proven values ​​for noise and exhaust fumes. 

Advanced Techniques
The titanium, which is exclusively used in the Akrapovic exhaust systems, manufactured in accordance with Japanese suppliers such as Kobe Steel .
This titanium is stronger and more heat resistant than the titanium which is available on the open market. In addition, the titanium is 40 % lighter than ordinary steel.

Slip-on and Evolution exhaust systems
Akrapovic supplies in most cases a slip-on exhaust system and an exhaust system evolution, Please have a look in this section if there is an Akrapovic system available for your car,

For more information and pricing, kindly visit >>>here<<<.

Work Engineering Pro-Induction Kit Intake Cold Air Box 3.5 Inch Inlet

This Pro-Induction Box greatly improves engine response at any RPM level.

The responese is further enhanced with a built in, aerodynamic designed funnel which laminar flow at the edge when air is suck through the intake. No Modifications are required for all specific vehicle models. This kit is a direct bolt on unit.

Available in Red/Black.

For more information, kindly visit >>>HERE<<<

CERAMICO - Ceramic Coating Services

CERAMICO offers a wide range of high-technology ceramic coatings that protect components against the effects of heat, wear, abrasion and oxidation.  We provide packaged thermal barriers that can be applied to metals and composites to deliver one of the highest currently available thermal performances, with exceptional durability in a wide range of highly aggressive environments.

CERAMICO's ThermoIns coatings can protect heat sensitive components, improve safety and, in automotive applications, increase engine performance. For any heat management issue, CERAMICO's technical specialists can provide solutions and advice no matter how demanding the requirements.

CERAMICO's most common applications include exhaust coating, manifold coating, turbo housing coating and composite coating. Coating these components can:

  • Reduce Under bonnet temperatures by up to 30ÂșC
  • Increase Engine Performance (HP & Torque)
  • Enhance Engine Reliability
  • Increase Fuel Economy
CERAMICO areas of expertise include:

  • Ceramic coatings for metals and composites including carbon fibre.
  • Thermal & Lubrication management in motorsport, OE, high performance, track day and classic cars.
  • Thermal, Lubrication & Corrosion management in numerous other demanding applications 

CERAMICO Coating Benefit

Heat Insulation
Metal failure due to over heated. CERAMICO provide effective heat insulation to reduce surrounding compartment heat which will help to :
- Improve surrounding parts life
- Improve parts working efficiency and performance
- Improve fuel economy due to HP & Torque increase
Heat Dissipation
Metal failure due to over heated. CERAMICO provide effective heat dissipation to reduce the heat in the part which will help to :
- Improve parts working efficiency and performance
- Improve parts life
Improve Lubrication
Lubricating and maintaining such lubrication is critical to those friction parts ( bearing )
- Improve lubrication
- Improve parts life
- Save energy
Corrosion Protection
Metal parts failure due to corrosion attack. CERAMICO provide corrosion resistance insulation to:
- Improve parts reliability
- Improve product quality ( metal melting process )
- Save energy

*Need 3-4 Working Days to Proceed

Liqui Moly Product Line Up

For over 50 years, Liqui Moly has been producing a wide range of high quality engine lubricants and additives. With dozens of different oil formulations, they have an engine oil that meets almost every manufacturer’s oil specification you can imagine. Additionally, Liqui Moly is often one of the first companies to receive approval when a new oil specification is introduced. With distribution in over 100 countries worldwide, a strong involvement in professional racing, TUV certification and a goal to provide the highest quality possible, Liqui Moly is a smart choice for anyone interested in keeping their automobile operating at it peak.

SuperPro Roll Control Revolution - Sharper Steering & Handling

"The handling is much more precise, instantly noticeable ...very much improved"
                                                      Guy Harding - APR Australia

Enhance the daily driver

Your every day car can easily be enhanced with Roll Control products for sharper steering, less body roll making it safer for driver and passenger.
We help Falcon and Commodore drivers with better
handling AND lower tyre wear.

Street performance

The hardest thing to get right is street performance handling but Roll Control delivers.
These enhancements control body roll the smart way while giving you more grip even on track days.

Track or motorsport

Guy Harding from APR Australia relies on the Roll Control range to increase grip and deliver better handling for his Golf.
The Supaloy arm is part of the Roll Control range and uses Grip Dynamics for a better performance solution

Off-road, 4x4 or 4WD

You'll find SuperPro Roll Control products used on armoured 4wd Landcruiser's in many of the worlds conflict centres right now.
Better handling, steering and grip are a life and death matter for these drivers. You should consider SuperPro
Roll Control products for your 4wd too.

 Our Range Includes:

Sway Bars - Traditional and HollowControl ArmsSway Bar Bushes & Bushing KitsRoll Centre Correction &Anti-lift Products

Years of experience and a wealth of R&D has delivered a range of products underpinned by Grip Dynamics.

A unique evolution in the manufacture of suspension products, Grip dynamics technology aims to improve grip for better handling and performance outcomes.

The suspension and handling experts at SuperPro have used their 30+ years of experience to develop the SuperPro Roll Control range of products.

Covering performance and enhancement solutions, the Roll Control range is equally at home on the track, street or even off-road. Roll control products are designed to give the driver and passenger a better motoring experience every day.
  • Sharper steering means more driver confidence and safety.
  • Better handling means better performance but also lower  tyre wear and less maintenance
  • More grip is the ultimate goal and suspension enhancement for road, track and off-road  4x4 and 4wd environment
  • Less Body Roll improves tyre performance, reduces wear and makes for happier passengers – safer too

The Roll Control range innovates further using SuperPro’s exclusive Grip Dynamics technology.

SuperPro Grip Dynamics aims to improve grip for better handling and performance outcomes.  The SuperPro development team has spent a lot of time looking at low-cost high-value ways of improving real world performance.  SuperPro engineers get great dynamic results with improved handling and grip by paying attention to the details.

The Roll Control range is the product of this technology. Take a look at this video to see an example of Roll Control in action on a VW Golf.

Look for the Roll Control label on selected SuperPro products when searching. Its a mark of handling confidence - sharper steering - better handling – more Grip – less body roll

SuperPro Roll Control products including sway bars - roll centre correction products - caster, camber, toe alignment kits – anti-lift products are available for Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser;  Audi; BMW; VW Golf, Passat;  Holden Commodore, Rodeo;  Pontiac G8,  Subaru Impreza, Legacy, WRX, STI;  Mitsubishi Lancer, EVO; Ford Falcon, Mustang;  Nissan Patrol, 240SX, GTR, Silvia.

SuperPro Supaloy VAG Replacement Arm with Grip Dynamics

44% lighter than OE steel arm!*
Featuring the new "Grip Dynamics" system which improves grip for better handling and performance outcomes by focussing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements. Supaloy arm replaces stock steel VAG arm found on over 90% of all Audi, SEAT, Skoda and VW. Also replaces alloy Audi S3 arm*.

1. Superior Supaloy light weight control arm*

  • 44% lighter than stock or OE steel arm*
  • Stronger, less flex for better control
  • Benefit from a lower unsprung weight
= More responsive handling, smoother ride

2. Superior Control and long service life

  • Eliminates unwanted arm movement under load
  • Superior engineered polyurethane bushing
  • Stainless steel metal tube
= More precise steering, maximum durability

3. Smart Bushing and mount design

  • Special low friction stainless steel insert
  • Bushing bonded direct to high strength alloy bracket
= Better turn-in, more steering feedback

4. Performance Grip Dynamics

  • Up to 1.5 deg. extra caster
  • Anti-lift geometry for greater traction
= Less understeer, higher corner speed

Supaloy arms deliver
  •     Instantly noticeable performance upgrade
  •     More precise steering, better handling
  •     Increase in positive caster
  •     SuperTrac anti lift for more traction and power delivery
Supaloy Replacement Arm - Part # ALOY0001K
Suits Following Applications - OEM reference # 1K0407153G

Audi A3/S3 – 8P 04 – 11 MK2
Seat Toledo 04 – 09 MK3
Seat Altea 05 – 11 MK1
Seat Leon 05 – 11 MK2
Skoda Octavia 05 – 11 MK2
VW Caddy 04 – 11 MK3
VW Touran 03 – 11 MK1
VW Golf 04 – 11 MK5 and MK6 (Rabbit NA)
VW Gol PL 05 – 09
VW Jetta 06 – 11 MK5 and MK6
VW Scirocco 08 – 11 MK3
VW EOS 06 – 11
*Supaloy arm replaces stock steel VAG arm found on over 90% of all Audi, SEAT, Skoda and VW. Also replaces alloy Audi S3 arm


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