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HKS EVC VI(6) Electronic Color Boost Controller

HKS celebrates the 24th anniversary of the original Electronic Valve Controller (EVC) with an all-new EVC Boost Controller model. The HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller is the latest version of the popular EVC lineup and is considered by many as one of the best boost controllers currently on the market. The original EVC released in ’87 was the first commercially available electronic boost controller that helped revolutionize turbocharged vehicles. 

The new HKS EVC has improved boost stability for maintaining pressure at high RPMs providing increased top-end power, and a new mapping feature allows boost pressure to be precisely tuned for throttle + RPM (or vehicle speed). The new EVC also offers a selectable kPa or PSI unit of measure, and a unique warning feature where if over boosting occurs, boost pressure can be programmed to drop to a user preset level. The new target boost setting and volume knob with three button user interface makes setup and tuning intuitive and simple. The design of the new EVC features a sleek black case with a clear acrylic faceplate and a positive lit LCD display offering a sophisticated look.

Features At a Glance

  • TFT Full Colour Monitor: Vibrant display, with high level of visibility.
  • Monitor Navigate System: Simple setting of logging monitor.
  • Stepping Motor: Matured technology utilized to the valve unit.
    Valve size has been reduced by 33%.
  • "EVC Hyper Engine": New generation CPU. Control speed has been improved spectacularly.
  • Boost Range: Setting can range from stock to 300kPa.

New Features

TFT LCD Full Colour Monitor

High addressability & clear contrast by TFT. Visibility during driving is remarkable.

3-Mode Boost Setting

Additional mode enables more useful boost pressure settings appropriate for different tuning levels. Differenct offset values can be entered in each mode.

English Display

Each setting can be displayed in English.

Switchable Button Position

Control button position can be switched from left to right by flipping the monitor vertically. Select the button position as desired.

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