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Lambda Engine Cleaning Treatments

Lambda Engine Horse Power Restorer 

Lambda Oil Primer(Engine Flush)
Oil Primer is designed for use in both petrol and diesel engines as well as manual gearboxes and differentials. Lambda Oil Primer removes gums, tars, varnishes, sludge, carbon and corrosive acid from crankcase, oilways, galleries, lower piston rings and all areas where oil circulates under pressure. Oil Primer restores oil circulation and cylinder compressions and reduces harmful emissions.

Features & Benefits:
 - Dissolves coking in a few minutes in the oil and lubricant circulation system
 - Eliminates contamination which is a cause of hydraulic tappet rattle
 - Cleans manual and automatic gearboxes and differentials
 - Can be disposed of, without problems, with used oil
 - Restores cleanliness to all types of engines
 - Improves compression by removing deposits from the lubricating system and piston ring belt

Lambda Tank Otto(Fuel System Cleaner)
Tank Otto is a professional product designed for fuel tank application in Petrol vehicles. Tank Otto removes gums, tars, varnishes, lacquers and carbons which build up in fuel lines, injectors, intake valves and compression rings between extended service intervals. It restores lost engine efficiency, reducing emissions and restoring lost performance.

Lambda Oil Extra(Friction Reducer - Revitalize and increase boiling)
Effective protection for the lubrication system. Prevents problems associated with the build-up of dirt and deposits and ensures optimal operation, substantially reduced wear and tear, less stress, and lower oil consumption.

What it does - Enhances the lubricating qualities of motor oil. Prevents the build-up of acids and sludge which can lead to obstruction (e.g. blockage of crankcase ventilation). Raises the boiling point of motor oil to approx. 400°C.

Suitable oil types - "LAMBDA Oil Extra" is compatible with all mineral-based, semi-synthetic or fully-synthetic motor oils.

Suitable engine types - All types of engines new and old which run on petrol, Diesel fuel or LPG. Also manual transmissions, differentials, and steering gears of both vehicles and industrial machinery. Maximum protection for: Oil pump Piston rings Crankshaft Connecting rod bearings Camshaft Turbocharger Hydraulic tappets Manual transmission Differential Steering gear All components subject to wear due to friction

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